General Consumption Loans

Quantum of loan

  • Salaried class: One year gross income (Based on the latest salary certificate/F16 or income tax return.
  • Others: Two years net income based on the crop cultivated /income tax return/financial statement /Vat Return etc.


  • Up to Rs.50000-Co obligation of one worthy person with sufficient attachable net worth
  • Above Rs.50000 to Rs.5 lakh-EM of landed property at least 200% of the loan amount
  • Above Rs.5 lakh- EM of landed property at least 200% of the loan amount and co obligation of a worthy person.


  • Maximum period of 7 years. Loan to be liquidated before the date of retirement in the case of salaried class and in other cases, shall be repaid in full before the borrower attains the age of 70.

Home Loan Plus

  • For existing housing loan customers having satisfactory repayment track record of minimum one preceding year for the purpose of meeting domestic needs, medical expenses, education expenses, unforeseen contingencies etc.
  • No Margin


  • Individuals between18 and 65 years(For NRIs maximum age limit is60 years)who have already availed housing loan and with our bank and having satisfactory repayment record for the last one year


  • 10 months gross salary subject to a maximum of Rs.10 lakh for salaried class and 50% of annual net income for non-salaried class with a cap of Rs10 lakhs.
  • Term loan to repaid in 120 EMI s or left over period of housing loan, whichever is less Overdraft tenable for three years subject to annual review

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