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Rural Marketing Outlet

The scheme aims at widening the existing marketing facilities for rural non-farm products.


  • Registered institutions.
  • Association of Producers.
  • Individuals etc.


  • Cost of construction of a new marketing outlet or cost of renovation/expansion of existing outlet and equipping it with the require_onced facilities like sales counters, storage shelves, furniture etc.

Amount of loan

  • Upto a maximum of 25 lacs
  • Margin
  • 25% of the project outlay


  • 3 to 10 years including initial moratorium period of 12 to 18 months, depending on cash flow projections.

Mortage Loan

  • Applicants with high integrity and having sufficient repaying capacity from known sources.
  • Income proof to be oproduced.
  • Minimum Loan amount is 50000/-.
  • Margin:

  • 30% where asset is created and in all other cases 50%.
  • Security:

  • 1 Mortgage of property worth more than double the value of the loan.
  • 2 Properties Consisting of buildings which are leased out/rented out will not be accepted.
  • 3 One Co-obligants having landed property worth more than the loan amount.
  • Repayment:

  • Within a maximum period of 84 months.

Term Loan and working capital to:

  • Small Scale Industies
  • Micro Small and Medium Enterprises, including transport operators.
  • Traders
  • Professional & Self Employed.
  • Pls contact your nearest branch for further details…

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